What do you think of when you hear the word vulnerability? Most people think of it as a weakness. “I feel too vulnerable to share my true feelings.” Or, “I don’t want to look at the ways I feel vulnerable because it’s too uncomfortable or for fear of losing control.” These are very common feelings that can come from the need to protect yourself from rejection or feeling shame or guilt. It is the unconscious self-protection armor that makes you think it’s safer to look away from or not express what you’re truly feeling. But it can cause more suffering and isolation.

When you feel vulnerable in your unaware or unconscious state, you may react from the emotions of fear.
Fear of:
• Being judged harshly.
• Being taken advantage of.
• Exploring unresolved emotions, continuing the same unwanted experiences.
• Taking a risk and failing.

When you are experiencing your authentic vulnerability from an aware or self-empowered conscious state, you experience a new reality.
You can:
• Become comfortable with who you are.
• Know you are good or perfect enough just the way you are.
• Set boundaries that support your well-being.
• Become the observer of your reactions and make different choices.
• Become empowered to take on the challenges of life because you see these challenges as a learning opportunity.

Having the courage to embrace your vulnerabilities instead of rejecting them is a powerful step in building emotional intelligence. What is a goal you have? What is one step you can take toward that goal? Let me hear from you.