Relationship Counseling

Do You Feel Lonely and Worry That You’ll Never Find Lasting Love?

 Does it seem like you’re always falling in love with the wrong person? Are you feeling worn down and frustrated by the same relationship problems you’ve struggled with for years? Perhaps you’re growing older and are still single, and you fear that your chances of finding the right partner are growing slimmer and slimmer. It may be that you’re dating and meeting new people on dating sites, but you still haven’t connected with the right person and increasingly wonder if something is wrong with you. Or, maybe you’re in a relationship, but feel unfulfilled, unappreciated and unheard. You may worry that you’ll never find anyone better. Alternately, perhaps you’ve just experienced a break-up, and feelings of grief and regret are making it difficult for you to focus on anything else. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, is the pain you’re feeling right now all too familiar? Do you wish you could better understand your needs and feelings, develop greater self-worth and learn how to create a healthy relationship while honoring your authentic self?

Whether you’re tired of being single, unhappy in your relationship or mourning a break-up, navigating relationship challenges can be a confusing, disheartening and overwhelming experience. You may feel as though you’re stuck repeating the same relationship patterns over and over again. Maybe your relationships seem to go well in the early stages, but after awhile, you find yourself having the same argument you’ve had with all of your past partners. Or, perhaps none of your relationships seem to last beyond that initial stage. Even when you’re seeing someone, you might feel lonely, restless or insecure. You might have tried everything you can think of to foster a healthy relationship, but nothing’s worked. Perhaps you’re losing hope in the possibility of finding a supportive, deep and lasting love.

If You’re Feeling Exhausted by Relationship Issues, You’re Not Alone

In our society, there is a great deal of pressure to find the right partner and settle down. You may have received strong messages that being single or in an unhealthy relationship means that something is wrong with you. In truth, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and your relationship status has nothing to do with your worth. Unfortunately, the pressure to find the right partner can leave little time to find out who you are and what you need to feel happy, fulfilled and secure. And, sometimes,   perfectionism can be used as a cover-up for self-doubt, fear and low self-esteem. If you’re like me, you may have spent years rejecting partners by claiming there was someone better out there, when you really fear commitment and rejection. Or, perhaps you’re staying with someone to preserve the façade of a perfect relationship even though, on the inside, you feel empty and out of balance.

Everyone learns how to engage in relationships by observing early caregivers. But that doesn’t mean healthy lessons are learned. Humans have a natural tendency to recreate the chaos of the past because it is familiar. We then begin telling ourselves a story about how life and love work, and over time, that story becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, you may have watched your parents argue and learned that, like your parents, you’ll fall in love with the wrong person. Then, as an adult, you may find yourself falling in love with the wrong person again and again, and unless you interrupt the cycle, that story seems more and more true with each new hurt.

Although painful, these sorts of relationship patterns are incredibly common. You’re not broken or hopeless if you’re feeling lonely and stuck in the same unfulfilling relationships. The good news is that it is possible for you to heal deep, emotional wounds and develop the personal insights needed to feel fulfilled. By working with a skilled, nonjudgmental therapist, you can resolve the chaos of the past and move forward into a more empowered, loving future.

Relationship Counseling Can Help You Transform Your Relationship With Yourself and the World

It’s human to want to run away or hide from crisis. But, the Chinese symbol for “crisis” translates to mean “dangerous opportunity.” When we embrace the opportunity in crisis, we can find everything we need to emerge stronger, more resilient and whole. As we work together, I will offer you the compassionate support and expert guidance you need to transform crisis into healing and renewed strength.

During sessions, I can help you understand how important you are, just as you are. You have your own unique gifts and talents to offer the world in which you live. Together, we can identify the healthy boundaries you need to thrive and develop ways you can stay true to yourself and your values in every relationship in your life. You can shift how you perceive your emotions and approach challenges so you can stop impulsively reacting and start consciously responding. You can also begin overcoming the fear of rejection or commitment and start making choices that align with your desires and serve your highest good. As you develop deep self-respect, balance and personal empowerment, you can change the way you carry yourself and create a shift in how others see you and treat you. Once you begin realizing your true worth, tuning into your authentic self and meeting your own needs, you’re likely to find that others are better able to meet your needs as well.

I am an accepting, skilled and compassionate therapist who is dedicated to your overall wellbeing‑—body, mind and spirit. During relationship counseling sessions, you can feel safe in expressing yourself with vulnerability and share anything and everything you need to say. I use an individualized, holistic approach—including body-centered therapy methods that can help you create core healing and change—and I will offer you practical tools you can carry with you out of each session.

Your relationship with yourself is more important than anything else. Understanding and honoring your authentic self is the key to living an empowered, satisfying life. I know how difficult it can be to believe in your innate worth. But, I also know it is possible to create a different, more vibrant reality in which you believe that you matter. Even though you may feel limited by negative, self-critical thoughts and beliefs today, in truth, you are limitless. I can help you break free from the prison of limitations, interrupt your relationship story and expand into a new awareness. As you gain clarity about who you truly are, the positive changes you enact in your life can lead you to the relationship you want. And, even more importantly, you can stop letting life’s ups and downs control you, and start feeling empowered in your life. You can live with a lasting passion, peace, joy and satisfaction that radiates from within.

You may have questions or concerns about relationship therapy…

My relationship issues feel impossible to change.

 If you are ready to commit to relationship therapy and feel a passion inside of you to make a change, transformation is possible. That said, change can be frightening, and it’s normal to feel resistant when the possibility of change becomes a reality. Yet, the fear of changing indicates that it’s time to seek help—that you’re close to realizing the change you’re searching for. Therapy can help you access and develop the strength and tools you need to make a change that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Why should I dedicate my time and money to relationship counseling?

The fact that you’re reading this page indicates that you likely feel something within you crying for more. So many people live a limited life when, in reality, life is full of abundance. You have an innate power and wisdom that can help you create what you want in your life—you just need to learn how to tap into it. Have you ever driven around a packed parking lot, pictured an open space and then had one appear before you? That’s a small example of your power at work. You are worth investing in yourself. Using powerful, extremely effective therapy techniques, I can help you access the deep well of your innate power and live a fulfilling, joyful, peaceful life.

We’ll talk about something that will be too intense.

Relationship therapy occurs in a completely safe, confidential environment. I will meet you where you are and help you find the balance and calm you need to be okay with any emotions that arise as we work together. As we give difficult emotions a safe space to be expressed, you can begin the core work of healing past wounds.

If you’re ready to break free from relationship patterns that are keeping you feeling lonely, frustrated or confused and stuck, please call or email me to schedule a free 45-minute consultation. Clients come to me for counseling from the areas of Boulder, Niwot, Denver and surrounding areas. We can discuss relationship counseling, your needs and how we can work together so you can have the loving relationship that is your heart’s desire.