This post is focused on the well-known Law of Attraction. Your thoughts will turn into things, and as metal is attracted to a magnet, your thoughts and beliefs will attract negative or positive experiences.

If you’ve tried working with this Law and it hasn’t worked for you, it may be because you haven’t addressed the underlying, subconscious beliefs. For example, I wanted a loving and supportive relationship, but I kept attracting emotionally unavailable men. Until I changed the underlying belief that I didn’t deserve to be loved, I kept attracting men who didn’t treat me as though I deserved love.

The thoughts you focus on and the underlying beliefs held in the subconscious, whether they are negative or positive, will be the experience you bring into your life. Your thoughts and beliefs can either keep you in bondage or free you.

One effective tool you can use to change the negative or limiting beliefs held in the subconscious is to listen to affirmations while sleeping. This exercise bypasses the conscious mind so the subconscious can receive a positive suggestion resulting in positive outcomes. One of my favorites is this guided meditation by Kelly Howell. It’s best to listen with headphones and when you can relax.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it! Look for the next post on one of my favorites, The Law of Vibration.