There is a Universal Law that energy follows thought. What you think about becomes stronger and manifests in physical form. Well cultivated, conscious thoughts and beliefs can bring the success and happiness you strive for. Uncultivated, unconscious thought forms can bring pain and suffering.

What are the repeated thoughts and beliefs you play out in your mind on a daily basis? Are they self-defeating and leave you feeling tired or unmotivated? Are they encouraging and bring curiosity about your life and limitless energy?

Your success depends upon the thoughts and images you cultivate.

Here are 4 steps you can take to improve your success and happiness:
1. Become aware of any negative thoughts and beliefs.
2. Observe these thoughts without judging them.
3. Replace any negative thought with a positive thought and image.
4. Repeat and practice.

Remember, the thoughts you focus on and give energy to, will become your reality.