Can you recall a time when you felt misunderstood? Do you have a hard time expressing how you truly feel? Trying to communicate your feelings and emotions effectively can be difficult to do. The results can be unsuccessful relationships or divorce, being unhappy at work, feeling taken advantage of, or left feeling alone and isolated in the world.

To have healthy personal and professional relationships, it is necessary to be aware of what you’re feeling when a difficult situation arises and know how to respond effectively. Begin by being aware of what you feel in your body. Do you feel tight or tense? Do you feel emotional?

A helpful tool is to stop, breathe, and depending on the circumstances, you can express your feelings by using I statements. For example: ‘I feel angry’ or ‘I feel hurt’. By speaking how you feel, you can begin to set a boundary that honors you. Being vulnerable with your feelings is a true strength. At first you may feel uncomfortable, but with expert guidance and practice, you can begin to communicate your needs and become empowered in all aspects of your life.