We all judge, we judge others by their appearance. We judge them by how they treat us or another. We judge ourselves. We may tell ourselves, “Whatever I do isn’t good enough” or “I’m not smart enough”. Whatever the voices of judgment are, it’s important to pay attention to them. If you were raised in [...]

Emotional Intelligence Month!

What gets in the way of your personal and professional success? This month marks the first of a series of monthly themes that provide strategies that lead to emotional freedom. This month we will be addressing emotional intelligence. I’ll be offering tools to help you gain new awareness so you can make positive changes. Do [...]

6 Common Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse and Helpful Ideas for Positive Change

It is not always easy to recognize or admit that you have a drinking problem. The early symptoms of alcohol abuse will often go undetected until the situation starts to get out of control. Alcohol abuse affects 1 out of 6 people in the United States alone. Whether overindulgence is caused by genetic predispositions, social [...]