What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork is based on ancient shamanic journeying techniques for psychological and spiritual growth and healing without the use of drugs. Through years of study, training, and personal experience, Nancy has developed her own proprietary form of breathwork called Soul-Centered Breathwork®. This profound, deeply effective approach can help you gain new awareness, personal empowerment and relief from suffering.

Who Can Soul-Centered Breathwork® Help?

This modality is appropriate for all people, from all backgrounds, at all stages of life, who want positive changes. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, low-self esteem, guilt, low self-worth, anger or a sense of purposelessness, this healing technique can help you clear away the self-defeating, self-criticizing noise cluttering your conscious mind, allowing you new space to access your innate strength and wisdom. If you are carrying the lingering pain of trauma – even a trauma you don’t fully remember – this modality can help you deeply resolve suffering at every level – mind, body and spirit. Soul-Centered Breathwork® can also be transformational for those seeking empowerment, connection, true intimacy and peace in their lives, whether that manifests as a new fulfilling career, a healthy relationship or the confidence to pursue your dreams. And, breath sessions can also help ease physical issues, such as asthma and chronic pain. Whether you are aware of a specific pain that needs resolving or seeking enlightenment, these breathing techniques hold the key to unlocking the connection to your highest self. Holotropic Breathwork® was developed by a major world pioneer Stanislav Grof, MD, and his wife, Christina, as a substance-free means of discovering the healing power of human potential through non-ordinary states of consciousness. Other techniques are also known as Transformational breathing and Sacred Breathwork. Our true nature evokes in us feelings of worthiness, self-acceptance and unconditional love, and Soul-Centered Breathwork® can help you embrace all that you are.

How Does Soul-Centered Breathwork® Work?

The human body is a mystery. Most people don’t understand how the body actually functions beyond very general, popularized knowledge of physiology and anatomy.  Fortunately, we are moving into a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection. Consider what happens when you get a paper cut. You may put on a bandage, but beneath it, your cells are immediately going to work. Your body knows how to heal your physical wounds. You don’t even have to think about it. When you are hurt, the body automatically goes to work to repair the wound. The psyche works in the same way. Your psyche already knows how to heal your emotional wounds. You just need the proper guidance to direct these energies and free your psyche to do its healing work.

One area we are becoming increasingly aware of is that everything in the universe is a vibration, and our thoughts carry certain vibrations – a certain frequency. If your thoughts are negative, you will unconsciously transmit a lower frequency of vibration into the world. By the law of attraction (as metal is attracted to a magnet), those thoughts will return to you in the form of outer experience. If your thoughts are positive, you are unconsciously transmitting a higher frequency of vibration and attracting experiences that create the happiness and peace of mind you most desire. Soul-Centered Breathwork® gets to the energetic core, releasing unconscious sabotaging patterns, thus raising your energetic vibration so you can attract what you desire. It energizes the psyche, activating your natural state of wholeness and creativity. From this expanded state, your inner wisdom can be accessed and the resolution to your challenges can be brought to conscious awareness, restoring balance in your mind, body and spirit.

The first half of a private session begins with a confidential discussion of key issues of concern, during which we’ll address problems that inhibit your happiness and fulfillment. As we talk together, we will create individualized forgiveness and affirmation statements to repeat during the Soul-Centered Breathwork® process. These statements can help stimulate and release emotions and unwanted beliefs held in the subconscious.

In the second half of the session, while lying comfortably in a safe environment, you start to breathe in a rhythmic manner. You are encouraged to feel and accept any emotions that you may experience. This can be cathartic and profound, allowing you to release and transform false negative beliefs that have been inhibiting your authentic, highest self.

When the breath session is complete, we will discuss your experience together, and I will offer support, insight and feedback to integrate mental, emotional and spiritual growth and change. Clients often report feelings of lightness and, at the same time, grounding, renewed hope and profound insight that create lasting change and revitalized energy.

Every breath session is different, just as every individual and every dream is different. With each session, you can begin to build a new relationship with yourself that leads toward self-empowerment and confidence in every area of your life. My technique also utilizes Gestalt Therapy. Through dialogue and gentle guidance, I facilitate a safe exploration of the limiting beliefs and unhealed parts of yourself. This is an organic process that you are in control of. As you feel safe in expressing your feelings, the breath begins to release the hold your emotions have had on you. I then say the written forgiveness statements, guiding you to release limiting beliefs and re-affirm your true worth and value. This part of the process can transform your experience into healing on a cellular level. In this transformational stage of the process, you may recognize your true connection to the divinity of your being, with all of its intrinsic beauty and worth. From this empowered state, you have raised your vibration so you can begin the process of manifesting your heart’s desire and life’s purpose.

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My Journey of Spiritual Healing

Both personally and professionally, I know how powerful this life-altering form of holistic healing can be. For many years, I carried unresolved feelings of abandonment and rejection, which ran like a dark undercurrent through my life. When I discovered breathwork, I began my journey to a more peaceful, more fulfilled life. It is my deeply held belief that the universe wants for us what we most want for ourselves. When we are able to align with our highest truths, we become aligned with the universe and connected to our innate power and strength to live the lives we dream of. I have created the life I want, and I have witnessed so many others shed the pain that has held them back and transform at every level. It is possible to acknowledge and honor your thoughts and emotions without allowing them to continue to shape your sense of self. You are a powerful, innately intelligent being, and it is possible for you to unlock the answers that are already within you. You, too, can become magnetic to your heart’s desire and find true spiritual healing.

Please call or email me to schedule a free 45-minute consultation. We can discuss spiritual counseling, Soul-Centered Breathwork® and how we can best work together.