Anxiety Counseling

Have Worry and Stress Taken Control Of Your Life?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and on edge at work, at home or during social interactions? Do you struggle with fears about all of the things that might go wrong in a given situation? Perhaps you have begun avoiding certain situations, places, family members, friends or coworkers in an attempt to stay away from discomfort, potential danger and/or your biggest phobia.

You may have experienced the symptoms of a panic attack – such as shortness of breath, numbness in your hands, terror, or the sensation that you are dying – but feel unsure why or how this happens to you and worry that something is seriously wrong. It may be that you don’t know why you feel so uneasy, and you frequently find yourself in a loop of self-doubt, self-criticism and shame, wishing you could just “snap out of it.” Do you struggle with intense fears?

Do you wish you could find emotional freedom from anxiety, develop greater confidence and move forward in an empowered life?

Struggling with the symptoms of anxiety can be an exhausting, disheartening and isolating experience. At night, you might toss and turn with racing thoughts, be plagued by nightmares and/or jolt awake every few hours. Without a restful night of sleep, you may feel drained and disengaged throughout your day. At work, you may worry about what your coworkers think of you and find it difficult to make decisions because you believe you’ll do something wrong. You may avoid spending time with close loved ones or talking to everyday acquaintances because you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable in social interactions. Perhaps you long to engage in the present moment, enjoy your experiences and embrace life’s opportunities, but you feel stuck and stalled, unsure how you can ever find the sense of calm you crave. There may be others in your family who have experienced these things.

Anxiety Is Much More Common Than Most People Realize

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental ailments in the US, affecting about 18 percent of the population. According to numerous studies, anxiety may be at the root of not only emotional turmoil, but also physical illnesses and pain. From our very first moments, traumatic events can shake our trust and comfort in the world. Whether an individual’s birth was too early, too late or involved surgery, cesarean or forceps, the first impressions of life are recorded in the body at a cellular level. These traumatic moments can leave a newborn feeling completely helpless and afraid, and these emotions can stick in the unconscious mind and linger throughout one’s life.

Our society puts additional pressure on us throughout our lives. From an early age, many of us are taught to avoid expressing difficult emotions. As a result, many people develop unsustainable coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse or emotional repression. In addition, as we try to meet a societal definition of success, many of us look outward for approval and acceptance. All of these factors can lead to an increased stress level, along with a sense of shame, isolation, frustration and inadequacy. We can lose sight of our authentic selves and feel alienated from our deepest, truest desires and goals.

The good news is no matter the severity or source of your anxiety symptoms, there is hope to live peacefully and confidently.  I can help you learn more about what contributes to your stress, move towards peace and wholeness.

Anxiety Counseling Can Help You Feel Calm And Empowered To Create Lasting Change

Anxiety therapy sessions will focus on your past, present and future healing. You and I will work together to develop an individualized approach to guide you toward living a calmer and more resilient life – a life of emotional freedom and empowerment.

During sessions I will work with you to help you understand the root source of your anxiety symptoms and identify potential triggers that can cause your distress and panic. Once you begin to recognize the emotional patterns keeping you stuck, you can learn proven practices to navigate through challenging situations more effectively, building a foundation for enduring confidence and joy. You can find relief from feelings of anxiety and get in touch with a deep inner calm and strength.

As you begin to feel lighter and freer, the pieces of the puzzle will come together, and you can begin to understand on a conscious level why you experience anxiety and how you got stuck repeating emotional patterns. From there, you will learn proven practices to navigate through challenging situations more effectively, building a foundation for ongoing momentum, success and joy.

During anxiety counseling sessions, we will also create personalized forgiveness and affirmation statements that can help you practice greater self-compassion, self-patience and self-acceptance. These statements, used in sessions and at home, can help you form and integrate new, positive habits that can shift the way you perceive yourself and manage life’s challenges. I am a compassionate, understanding  therapist, and I can offer you the nonjudgmental guidance and support you need to reduce anxiety, build resiliency, resolve fears and feel equipped to pursue your relationship, career and personal goals.

Both personally and professionally, I understand what it feels like when anxiety takes control of your life. As an anxiety therapist, I am devoted to helping others use results-oriented techniques to heal and find calm. I believe you have everything within you to heal and the innate power to build a more positive future for yourself. You can connect with your authentic self and create the life you want.

You may be interested in anxiety treatment, but still have a few questions or concerns…

I’ve tried therapy to resolve my anxiety. How will this be any different?

You may have tried working with other therapy approaches or used medications to find temporary relief from your worries, fears and emotional turmoil. I understand how frustrating it can be to feel like nothing works. In my practice, I delve into core issues and have a unique way of tapping into the root causes of the symptoms keeping you stuck. I also work intuitively and pay attention to what you express and need in the moment. I offer practical tools and use body-centered techniques – such as muscle testing, breathing practices, meditation and affirmations,– to help you release the stuck emotions of anxiety and gain new perspectives on life. I will also help you build a relationship with your inner child. You can begin to feel safe and secure within yourself and make healthier choices for your life.

I’m worried I will be too vulnerable to participate in anxiety counseling.

Our sessions are 100 percent confidential, and I have created a private, nonjudgmental and compassionate space for you to feel safe and heal. During our sessions, we will address your fears and how they may be shaping your choices and behaviors, potentially holding you back from the relationships, career or sense of self that you want. As we work together, you can find deep relief and move forward in an empowered and confident life.

If I think too much about my stress during treatment for anxiety, will I feel even more overwhelmed?

Even though it may feel counter-intuitive, burying or avoiding your worry only makes it stronger. When we work together, you can learn more about what leads you to worrisome thoughts and take the steps to eliminate feelings of doubt and shame in your life. Anxiety is an unresolved feeling that gets trapped in your body. Our sessions can help you release the stuck energy of anxiety, reconnect with your authentic self and believe in your true worth. You matter, and you don’t have to do this alone.

Find Peace Amidst Chaos

If you are ready to transform the way your body and mind responds to stress and fear, please call or email me to schedule a free 45-minute consultation. We can discuss anxiety therapy, your needs and how we can work together.