Beautify your inner dialogue. Beautify your inner world with love, light and compassion ~ Amit Ray
Know Thyself ~ Socrates

Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Gandhi

When the inner world of thought is unified, the outer world naturally takes on a synthethic order ~ D. K. Tibetan Master
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There is a peaceful place inside all of us that exists as pure potentiality and wholeness. Trauma of the past, whether it be from birth, early childhood conditioning, abuse or neglect, place layers of unwanted emotions on top of our radiant nature, innocence or true Self. The resulting emotions might be fear, anger, guilt or shame which can keep us from living a life of freedom, choice and fulfillment.

The focus of all my work is bringing light to the darkness in a safe and sacred setting where you can experience your radiant nature and true purpose.

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Woman holding her face worringly

Do you often feel overwhelmed and on edge at work, at home or during social interactions? Do you struggle with fears about all of the things that might go wrong in a given situation?

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Woman standing under trees looking down

Does the world seem gray, as though the color has drained away from your life? Do you feel less and less inspired and motivated to engage with people and in activities that you once enjoyed?

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Man sitting in water

Has a frightening or life-threatening event, such as an assault, accident or illness, eroded the feelings of stability and security you once had in your body and your world?

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Man holding his head and smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer

Does it feel as though there is something missing in your life, and only certain substances or behaviors help to fill or numb that void?

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Man sitting in chair holding his head in a dark room

 Does it seem like you’re always falling in love with the wrong person? Are you feeling worn down and frustrated by the same relationship problems you’ve struggled with for years?

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Man sitting in chair holding his head in a dark room

Do you feel as though there’s something missing in your life or you haven’t experienced the fulfillment you had worked and hoped for?  Spiritual counseling can awaken you to your deepest desires and highest potential.

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Man sitting in chair holding his head in a dark room

 Have you experienced a series of disappointing relationships, jobs, life events or setbacks that have you feeling like a failure or powerless to create change in your own life?  Does it seem as though you are falling short of your goals, no matter what you try?

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Soul-Centered Breathwork ® 

Breathwork is an ancient healing technique for psychological and spiritual growth. Through years of study, training, and personal experience, Nancy has developed her own proprietary form of breathwork called Soul-Centered Breathwork®. This profound, deeply effective approach can help you gain new awareness, personal empowerment and relief from suffering.

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